Чужие списки

А давайте в комментариях соберем разные списки лучших альбомов 2011 года,

the bests
the bests

Для примеру предложу список MAGNET:

1. MATT BAUDER Day In Pictures (Clean Feed)
2. REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET Montreal Parade (482 Music)
3. MATTHEW SHIPP Art Of The Improviser (Thirsty Ear)
4. ACID BIRDS Acid Birds III (Blackest Rainbow)
5. KEN VANDERMARK Strade d’Acqua/Roads Of Water (Multikulti)
6. KEITH ROWE Concentration Of The Stare (Bottrop Boy)
9. DAVID S. WARE Organica (Aum Fidelity)
10. BILL DIXON Envoi(Victo)

4 thoughts on Чужие списки

  1. the mount fuji doomjazz corporation — anthropomorphic
    matt elliott — the broken man
    dark castle — surrender to all life beyond form
    emptyset — demiurge
    merzbow / balázs pándi — ducks: live in new york
    elian — a bit of cinematography
    greg kelley & olivia block — resolution
    esther venrooy — vessel
    black swan — the quiet divide
    tim hecker — ravedeath, 1972
    jim haynes — the decline effect
    sister overdrive — honey
    ben frost & daniel bjarnason — solaris
    keith rowe — concentration of the stare
    inevitable end — the oculus
    phurpa — trowo phurnag ceremony
    demdike stare — tryptich
    the kilimanjaro darkjazz ensemble — from the stairwell
    eliane radigue — transamorem, transmortem
    greg kowalsky — battery townsley
    david wenngren & christopher bissonnette — the meridians of latitude and the parallels of longitude

  2. Стеф огласит свой список через пару дней.

    • Joe Higham’s Top-10 of 2011
      The Engines — Brass and Wire
      Peter Evans Quintet — Ghosts
      Twelves — The Adding Machine
      Red Trio + John Butcher — Empire
      Nate Wooley — Trumpet/Amplifier
      Peter Evans — Beyond Civilized and Primitive
      Russ Lossing Trio — Oracle
      Noel Taylor & Alberto Popolla — We All Fall Down
      Motif — Facienda
      Jeff Davis — We Sleep Outside

      Stanley Zappa’s Top-10 of 2011
      Other Dimensions in Music with Fay Victor — Kaiso Stories 
      Søren Kjærgaard, Ben Street, Andrew Cyrille — Femklang 
      Laurence Cook, Eric Zinman — Double Action 
      Ornette Coleman — Reunion 
      David S. Ware — Planetary Unknown 
      Augusti Fernandez, Barry Guy, Raymond Lopez — Morning Glory 
      William Parker — Conversations 
      Darius Jones & Matt Shipp — Cosmic Lieder
      Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet — Apparent Distances 
      Joe Morris — Wildlife

      Guy Peeters’ Top-10 of 2011
      Peter Evans Quintet — Ghosts 
      Joseph Daley Earth Tones Ensemble — The Seven Deadly Sins 
      Ig Henneman Sextet — Cut A Caper 
      Matana Roberts — Coin Coin Chapter 1: Gens De Couleur Libres 
      Michiel Braam’s Hybrid 10tet — On The Move 
      Mostly Other People Do The Killing — The Coimbra Concert 
      Darius Jones Trio — Big Gurl (Smell My Dream) 
      Bill Orcutt — How The Thing Sings 
      Ambrose Akinmusire — When The Heart Emerges Glistening 
      Other Dimensions In Music feat. Fay Victor — Kaiso Stories

      Ananth Krishan’s Top-5 of 2011
      Agustí Fernández, Barry Guy & Ramón López — Morning Glory
      Joe Hertenstein, Thomas Heberer, Joachim Badenhorst, Pascal Niggenkemper — Polylemma 
      Mark O’Leary / Peter Friis-Nielsen / Stefan Pasborg: Støj 
      Kaze — Rafale 
      Albatrosh – Yonkers

      Stef’s List 
      Bill Dixon — Envoi 
      William Parker & ICI Ensemble — Winter Sun Crying 
      Satoko Fujii & Min-Yoh — Watershed 
      Fire! with Jim O’Rourke — Unreleased 
      Daunik Lazro, Benjamin Duboc, Didier Lasserre — Pourtant Les Cimes Des Arbres 
      Kaze — Rafale 
      Rob Mazurek — Calma Gente 
      Benoît Delbecq & François Houle — Because She Hoped 
      Sei Miguel & Pedro Gomes — Turbina Anthem 
      Foton Quartet — Zomo Hall 

      Tony Verstraete (from Instantjazz) also gave his favorites (or rather, I took them)
      Darius Jones Trio — ‘Big Girl (Smell My Dream)’ 
      Peter Evans Quintet — ‘Ghosts ‘
      Julius Hemphill — ‘Dogon A.D.’ 
      Agusti Fernandez — ‘El Laberint de la Memoria’ 
      Rob Mazurek —  ‘Calma Gente’ 
      Tarfala Trio  — ‘Syzyguy’ 
      Satoko Fujii & Min Yoh  — ‘Watershed’ 
      Hertenstein, Heberer, Niggenkamper, Badenhorst  — ‘Polylemma’ 
      André Vida —  ‘Brud Volumes I-III 1998-2011’ 
      Ellery Eskelin  — ‘Trio New York’ 

  3. AMN

    Best of 2011

    Anderson, Ron / PAK – Secret Curve
    Bowers, William – Soundtracks #2 (EP)
    Bynum, Taylor Ho / Sextet – Apparent Distance
    Cline, Nels / Tim Berne / Jim Black – The Veil
    Fujii, Satoko / Orchestra NY – Eto
    Gate – Deconstructed
    Gilmore, Tyler / Ninth and Lincoln – Static Line
    Gutbucket – Flock
    Inzinzac – Inzinzac
    Laubrock, Ingrid / Sleepthief – The Madness of Crowds
    Led Bib – Bring Your Own
    Malaby, Tony Novella – Arranged by Kris Davis
    Melvins – Sugar Daddy Live
    Microkingdom – 3 Compositions of No Jazz
    Pope, Odean – Universal Sounds
    Research Institute – TRI Sessions – Part One
    Ruins Alone – Ruins Alone
    São Paulo Underground – Tres Cabeças Loucuras
    Shipp, Matthew – Art of the Improviser
    Side A (Vandermark / Wiik / Taylor) – A New Margin
    Slumgum – Quardboard Flavored Fiber
    Spanish Donkey – XYX
    Starlicker – Double Demon (EP)
    Tarana – After the Disquiet
    Triptet – Imaginary Perspective
    Turn Around Norman – We Turn Around
    Zloty Dawai – Torso Apart
    Zs – 33 (EP)

    Honorable Mentions

    Accentor – Moscow, WV
    Ada Rave Cuarteto – La Continuidad
    Afuche – Highly Publicized Digital Boxing Match
    Anla Courtis – The Torrid
    Barn Owl – Lost in the Glare
    Battles – Gloss Drop
    Berne, Tim – Insomnia
    Bon, Piero Bittolo / Original Pigneto Stompers – Mucha Acustica
    Bynum, Taylor Ho / Joe Morris / Sara Schoenbeck – Next
    Centazzo, Andrea / Ballou / Barbiero /Stowe /Succi – Moon in Winter
    Chevillon, Bruno / Tim Berne – Old and Unwise
    Cleaver, Gerald / Uncle June – Be It As I See It
    Coleman, Steve / Five Elements – Mancy of Sound
    Comfort Zone – Inverted Pendulum
    Costa, Carlo / Minerva – Saturnismo
    Dauer, Benjamin – Saturation Event
    Davidovsky, Daniel / Ofer Bymel / Ido Bukelman – EFT
    Dead Cat Bounce – Chance Episodes
    Dixie’s Death Pool – The Man with Flowering Hands
    Eisenstadt, Harris – Canada Day II
    Elisha, Ehran / Roy Campbell – Watching Cartoons with Eddie
    ElSaffar, Amir – Inana
    Endangered Blood (Black / Dunn / Noriega / Speed) – Endangered Blood
    Fields, Scott / Matthias Schubert – Minaret Minuets
    Fire! – Unreleased?
    Foisy, André / High Aura’d Untitled / Dusk – Latitudes (MC)
    Fore – Fore
    Fujii, Satoko / Min-Yoh Ensemble – Watershed
    Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble – Power Trio 227C
    Gauthier, Jeff / Goatette – Open Source
    Golia, Vinny / Quartet – Take Your Time
    Halley, Rich / Quartet – Requiem for a Pit Viper
    Halvorson, Mary / Weasel Walter / Peter Evans – Electric Fruit
    Hilmy, Steve / Daniel Barbiero – Live at Bella (EP)
    Hum of Gnats – Purge the Weevil from Yer Midst
    Hwang, Jason Kao / Edge – Crossroads Unseen
    International Contemporary Ensemble – Pintscher: Sonic Eclipse – A Twilight’s Song – She-Cholat Ahavah An
    Iyer, Vijay – Tirtha
    Johnston / Shelton / Mezzacappa / Nordeson – Cylinder
    Jones, Darius / Matthew Shipp – Cosmic Lieder
    Kaze – Rafale
    Korekyojinn – Tundra
    Kuhl, Tim – Doomsayer
    Laster, Andy – Riptide
    Lettow, Gunnar / Umut Cagler – Tictac
    Levin, Daniel / Quartet – Organic Modernism
    Ligeti, Lukas – Pattern Time
    Little Worlds – Book One (EP)
    Lonberg-Holm, Fred /Joan of Arc Lightbox Orchestra – The Joan of Arc Lightbox Orchestra Conducted by Fred Lonberg-Holm
    Mamuthones – Mamuthones
    Maroney, Denman – Double Zero
    Mecha Fixes Clock – Teoria dell’elasticità di Girolamo Papariello
    Mezei, Szilárd / Trio – Tisza
    Mitchell, Nicole – Awakening
    Moraine – Metamorphic Rock
    New Risen Throne – Loneliness of Hidden Structures
    Noordzy / Freeman Imaginary Quartet – Langwidge
    Orchestra In-Stabile DIS/Accordo – Live in Hamburg
    Output:NOISE Improv Collective – A Soundtrack to the DSM-IV
    Outward Bound – The Path
    Paintings for Animals – Whale Hunter (EP)
    Pavone, Jessica – Army of Strangers
    Perhaps Contraption – Business
    Pitom – Blasphemy and Other Serious Crimes
    Planeta Imaginario – Optical Delusions
    Polack, Coen Oscar – Spectral Churches
    Rempis Percussion Quartet – Montreal Parade
    Reptet – At the Cabin
    Rhinocéros, Les – Les Rhinocéros
    Rich, Robert – Medicine Box
    Roach, Steve / Brian Parnham – The Desert Inbetween
    Roberts, Matana – Live in London
    Rova – Planetary
    Rupp, Olaf / Joe Williamson / Tony Buck – Weird Weapons 2
    Saeedi, Salim Ghazi – Human Encounter
    Sanchez, Angelica – A Little House
    Scott, Ryan / Espirit Orchestra – Maki Ishii Live
    Segger, Mark / Sextet – The Beginning
    Settles, Brian and Central Union – Secret Handshake
    Shipp, Matthew Duo with Joe Morris – Broken Partials
    Smiley, Matt Quartet – Art
    Smith, Wadada Leo / Mbira – Dark Lady of the Sonnets
    Smith, Wadada Leo / Organic – Heart’s Reflections
    Smythe, Cory – Pluripotent
    Trayer – Afterlife an Abandoned Theme Park
    Van der Graaf Generator – A Grounding in Numbers
    Vandermark, Ken / Resonance Ensemble – Kafka in Flight
    Various Artists – Possible Worlds
    Vortex – Rockdrill
    Walter, Weasel – Ominous Telepathic Mayhem
    White Hills – H-p1
    Wooley, Nate / Chris Corsano / C. Spencer Yeh – The Seven Storey Mountain II
    Wooley, Nate / Scott R. Looney / D. Smith / W. Walter – Scowl
    Xerath – II
    Zorn, John / Marc Ribot / Trevor Dunn – Enigmata
    Zs – New Slaves Part II: Essence Implosion!

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